About Systema


A modern, integrated self-defense training system focused on results

Systema has its roots in the traditional martial arts of Russia. It was refined and synthesized as part of the training regime for top Soviet Special Operations Units working in the KGB and other government divisions.

Systema training is intuitive and adaptive

Session content varies, but regularly includes hand-to-hand combat, strikes, weapon skills & defense, rolling, multiple attackers, ground fighting, and joint locks. Breathing, relaxation, posture, and movement exercises are part of every class.

There are no required uniforms, any comfortable street or exercise clothing will do.

Systema Columbus

Systema Columbus is  affiliated with the first school of Russian Martial Art outside of Russia, Systema Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada founded by Vladimir Vasiliev in 1993. Sessions are  lead by Steve Webb.

Training sessions are schedule twice weekly on Tuesday evening from 8:30 – 9:30 and Sunday afternoons from 12:30 – 2:00.  Classes are held at the Aikido School of Central Ohio at 4554 Indianola Ave, with the exception of the first Sunday of each quarter.  These classes are held at Whetstone Park at the green arrow on the map.  The next outdoor class will be help Sunday April 3rd.

For additional information, email info [at] systemacolumbus.com.